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16 April 2010 @ 04:02 pm
Party in the Forest (where's Laura)  
Before my post I'll mention I'm doing BEDA (Blog every day in April) again. Here is the link. This is an expanded version of today's post.

So tonight I am heading out to celebrate my birthday but as usual there was a SNAFU in the plan. Someone else just cancelled their attendance. And I don't really mind that people aren't coming, I was just really excited that FOR ONCE someone would be around besides my family. Last year I never went out with my friends. It was exam time and we were all scattered so an "official" celebration never happened. And I really was okay with that. And I've been okay with it since the last real party I had was when I was 18 in my last year of hight school... but since then something ALWAYS goes wrong -
19 reservation cancelled
20 the bar sucked so we ended up somewhere else
21 I didn't plan anything (I may have watched Lord of the Rings with my sister)
22 I graduated the day before so the whole program went to a club that weekend. I never celebrated my birthday.
23 - cancelled
But this year I'm all muddled up and have no idea what will happened next year. Will I have any real friends to celebrate with? My family will be here and I'll be in BC. And now I feel pathetic for feeling sorry for myself.

I have some friends who are coming and I love those friends too, but when only one of my BEST friends can make it out of all the really cool people I hang out with and it kind of sucks. I mean other cool people will be there, but tonight some how turned into meet everyone's new boyfriend night. So I think I might be the ONLY single person there. And the one other single girl just cancelled on me. I spend much of my time with my friends taking care of them and listening to them. There were two people I could guarantee that would pay attention to me on my birthday and they aren't coming.