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09 January 2013 @ 02:08 am
Hello again.  
I've decided to use this blog again. I'm figuring some stuff out and this place helped me once. Before I start posting again though I decided to see what crap I left public when I was young and stupid when I started this thing in 2004!

Some things I've learned.

1. I was actually pretty good with my privacy settings. There are only a few things I've had to put back under "Friends Only" or "Private" and that stuff was mostly left open to the public because the people mentioned couldn't use the internet.

2. I was a whiny little shit. I was also a kid and angsty - so I can be forgiven. So if you go back - please don't judge me too harshly, I've grown and changed since then.

3. I was really negative for a while there. My friends are awesome for putting up with me and my long posts. Thank you. And I am proud to say most of you are still my good friends. I was and still am so lucky you're still around.

4. For a while I was really vocal about my political opinions. They've been tempered and I talked about my growing apathy (for Canadian politics). It's something I'm working on changing, because I miss that empowered, intelligent fighter I used to be.

5. I worked at the bookstore for a long time! And complained about it a lot for a while (almost a year). I should have quit then. Things got better (for five years) and then worse (for 18 months) and I finally left 3 weeks ago.

6. There was a while there where I was a TOTAL fangirl. More then that, I am surprised at how celebrity (Dom, JRM, Charlie Hunnam just to name a few) boy-crazed I was. There were real life crushes, but they only got a casual entry.

7. My goodness I was OBSESSED with 24 and Prison Break (season 1-2 at least). I don't remember liking prison break that much. 24 Season 1-3 yes, but 4? Really what was I thinking? Surprisingly not as much LOTR content as I expected.

8. The end of high school was an uninteresting as I remember it.

9. I may have been mentally unstable when I started this thing. My GOD 17/18 year old me flipped emotions like a switch. Melancholy rant followed by fangirling about a band followed by a note on my crazy annoying neighbour followed by a meme. I was BONKERS!

10. I was an idiot. I'm smarter now. I promise.